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Every project is unique, but the overall process is generally the same. We maintain regular contact with you throughout the entire process to keep you updated as we go.

Step 1


We start with a free consultation. We mostly communicate by email, but typically the initial consultation is best done by phone or video call. We will gather the basics of what you are looking for and are trying to achieve in terms of features and visual style. This will help us to determine which website platform is best suited to your requirements and to prepare a quote for you. We will email you the quote within 2 days.


Step 2

Project Initiation

If you decide to proceed, we will start preparing a contract which will formalize things like the scope of work, schedule, and costs. This ensures that we are all on the same page before the real work begins. You will be sent the contract by email and can take as long as you like to review it before signing. We accept electronic signatures to keep the process easy and convenient.


Step 3

Content Gathering

This is where you send us your written content, or copy, usually as a Word document. We can give you a general template to help you structure it. If using our content strategy service, this becomes a collaborative effort where we help you to determine what type of content you should have and how it should be structured, as well as edit your copy. You will also send us images to be used on the website.

Step 4

Initial Design

This step will look different depending on your service. For our budget-level services, we will select up to five pre-built templates based on your content and brand style and ask you to choose your favourite. For custom designs, we start what is called a wireframe. This is a "lo-fi" version of your website, comprised of only white and grey tones, and with placeholders for images, but using your actual copy. This puts emphasis on the content, layout, and usability without getting distracted by visual design. You will be able to easily review and comment on the wireframe. Changes at this stage do not count towards your revision allotment. Wireframing typically takes 2-6 weeks, but this can vary.


Step 5

Website Build

If using a template, this is where we customize it: copy, colours, fonts, images, and minor layout changes. Custom designs are created based on the wireframe and brought to life with colors, fonts, and images. We will send you a sample of the design early on (usually a single page) to make sure we are on the right track visually. Changes resulting from this early review do not count towards your revision allotment. The website build typically takes 4-8 weeks, but this can vary.

Step 6

Design Revisions

Once the entire website is completed, we will send it to you for review. This is when revisions start to count. A single revision can contain any number of change requests, as long as they are submitted together. You are encouraged to review and comment on the entire website before submitting your desired changes.

Step 7

Website Launch

It's the final countdown! We will set up your hosting and domain and transfer ownership of the website to you. If you signed up for an ongoing service plan, we can maintain ownership of the website so you won't need to worry about a thing.

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