We strive to be clear and upfront with our pricing so that you know exactly what you will be paying right from the start. Prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.


Our four website design packages cover some common scenarios — use the optional add-ons to customize your service. You can always contact us for a free custom quote!

All website designs are optionally offered as a 24-month plan, with an initial payment due upon delivery of the finished website followed by regular monthly payments. We will remain available to you for technical support and content updates for the duration of the 24 months. Any substantial design changes, such as additional pages, would incur additional charges.

Custom-designed websites (e.g. Professional & Premium packages) require a 20% deposit before we begin work, with the remainder due upon delivery of the finished website.





plus $10.40/month

for 24 months

Complete deployment

Template-based design

Image optimization

Full customization

Contact form

Three pages

One revision

Budget Add-Ons

Newsletter integration: $59

Additional page: $59

Live chat set up: $49





plus $17.36/month

for 24 months

Everything in Budget, plus:

Basic SEO

Basic forms

Mobile responsive

Website analytics

Three additional pages (6 total)

One additional revision (2 total)

Budget+ Add-Ons

Newsletter integration: $59

Additional page: $79

Live chat set up: $49





plus $34.40/month

for 24 months

Everything in Budget+, plus:

Custom-designed from scratch

Custom forms

Four additional pages (10 total)

One additional revision (3 total)

Professional Add-Ons

Ultra responsive design: $299

Newsletter integration: $59

Additional page: $179

Live chat set up: $49





plus $62.57/month

for 24 months

Everything in Professional, plus:

Advanced customizations

Five additional pages (15 total)

Newsletter integration

Live chat set up

Premium Add-Ons

Ultra responsive design: $299

Additional page: $179

Universal Add-Ons

These can be added to any web design packages.

Content strategy: Starting at $149

Content editing: Starting at $59

Online bookings set up: $129

Member login set up: $129

Training session: $99

Blog set up: $129

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Keep in mind there may be other costs related to running a website, separate from our service fees.

Typically, you will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. These are ongoing costs, paid either monthly or yearly. We can walk you through setting up your payments or we can roll it into our fees at no extra cost.

There are options for free domain and hosting, but with some limitations. The specific hosting cost will depend on what features you need and which platform we create your website on — either Wix or Webflow. Learn more about Wix pricing, or see here for Webflow pricing.

As well, your website is required by law to include a privacy policy. While you can write it yourself at no cost, we recommend that you get the assistance of a lawyer or use an online service such as TermsFeed.


We do not have a pre-defined pricing structure for email marketing at this time.


Please contact us for a quote.

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